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After picking up some of the finest cannabis products from The Farm, you’re going to need some accessories as well! We have everything you need including rolling papers, blunt wraps, clipper lighters, dab tools, smoking apparatuses, pipe cleaners, batteries, and more! Also, don’t forget to check out our merchandise. We have a variety of cool items including T-shirts, beanies, posters, and more!

Bongs, Bubblers, Blunt Wraps, and More!

If you’re looking to dab concentrates, you definitely need a good bubbler, nail, and dabber tools! The Farm has what you need to get the job done. When going for quality flower products, you’re going to need your rolling papers, hemp cones, and blunts. We also have rollers to help you roll the perfect joints every time! We have pipes and pipe cleaners as well so you can have the perfect smoking experience. Don’t forget to check out our grinders for the greatest ease when breaking up your buds too.

Cannabis Accessories from The Farm

When looking for a good variety of Merch & Accessories in California, The Farm has a nice selection to choose from. If you want to see exactly what we have available, make sure to check out our online menu. You can always add different items to your online cart and place your online order conveniently for in-store pickup or delivery depending on your location. If you have any questions, feel free to call us!

Dispensary Near Me, Weed & Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Cruz, CA

Dispensary Near Me in Santa Cruz, CA | Weed

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