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The Farm carries a variety of excellent vape cartridges including indica, sativa, and hybrid products. We are partnered with some of the most reputable brands in the state and of course we have our own in-house brand as well, giving you some of the best quality strains! We sell our carts in .5 and whole grams.

Premium Carts that You Can Trust

If you’re looking for an uplifting sativa strain, we have you covered.  You’ll be feeling lively and moving throughout your day feeling happy and sociable. You’ll experience a clear-headed high so you can focus on important things without feeling sleepy. If you want to have some strains that are entirely relaxing, we can make a recommendation there too. These strains will give you a boost of happiness with a feeling of relaxation. You may want to enjoy these strains for a good night of sleep, or if you need relief from pain. We also have a nice assortment of hybrids. You’ll always find only the best vape cartridges when shopping with The Farm, so make sure to give us a visit and try a cart from Ole’ 4 Fingers, Farms Brand, or Delta Vapes!

Carts with the Strains You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re local and you want to see all the vape cartridges we have in stock, make sure to check out our online menu. You can place your online order for in-store pickup or delivery depending on the location you’re ordering from. If you want to know more about our vape cartridges, make sure to give us a call today!

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